Change 123 Chapter 60(End)

Hello again! Here it is, the special something I was talking about earlier, the LAST CHAPTER of change 123! We finally reached it, with much complains from the leechers, which kinda suck but we did it anyway. Anyway, another series completed!

Enjoy this new and last chapter of Change 123!


I apologize for the typos and also I forgot to include Change123’s poster in Chapter 60’s files, So Enjoy:

Change 123 Chapter 59 Version 2

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Change 123 Chapter 60 Version 2

Mediafire | Megaupload | Read Online

If you only want Change123’s Poster, it’s here : Poster #1 | Poster #2

Ps: The volume are uploaded in batch in the complete project list

38 thoughts on “Change 123 Chapter 60(End)”

  1. That was one of the few endings to a series that didn’t tick me off. I am sad to see it end still though.

  2. TYTYTYTYTYTY So much for this release!
    The ending was perfect! =D
    Now i can rest in peace!
    Thank you all for the efforts to bring us the series translated! God bless u all!

  3. thank you for bringing us Change 123. will still look forward for your other releases here ^_^ keep it up guys and gals!

  4. SiDE, I guess you’re right, though I’ve always found that type of question to not really be a question (I sometimes replace with … instead of ?); guess it was missed on that occasion.

  5. Thanks for continuing this Series. This is one of my favorite Manga. Thank again.

    Page 3 needs the period after “huh” to be a question mark.

  6. Thank you, this was one of my fauvorites :) It’s somehow sad it ended, but it has a good ending :)

  7. Guys, I always said – this team is the best! Great NY gift, good luck in other projects & real life!

  8. Just want to thank you guys again for picking up this series and finishing it off. It’s one of my favorite manga titles ever and for a long time it seemed like it would remain unfinished once SnoopyCool stopped scanlating, so it was a relief when you guys picked it up.

    Thanks again and I look forward to what new projects you’ll be bringing us!

  9. Thanks for picking this series up and sticking with it all the way to the end!

    I thought the ending was really great: it wrapped things up perfectly. The latter part of the story did feel a bit rushed and I wish they had gotten to the ending more gradually, but the ending did resolve everything quite nicely.

  10. Waaaah!!! ;A; I am so sad Change 123 ended, but at the same time, I also can’t help going ‘D’awwww~’ x) *warm fuzzy feelings in chest* Didn’t think I was ever going to be able to see the end, so it really surprised me when it ended so fast (still thinks it could’ve kept on going) >.<

    Thank you so much for all the hard work and wonderful releases!~

  11. Thanks for this manga and all the hard work put into it. I wish it was continued longer than this because I feel it really deserves it. Not quite the ending I would have hoped for but good nonetheless. I will really miss this manga since it is among my favorites and I feel as if there is almost a shortage of really good ones. :) Thanks for all the hard work IMS. Can’t wait to see what new project might get picked up.

  12. Wow two completed series in a week, what a great, (but a bit sad), way to staart the new year! Thanks for all the hard work…

  13. Thanks for the good job over the years!! What a great series this has been. What a good ending too.

    Just 1 thing, I wondered why it says “Michiri” for Mikiri’s name on the last chapter? Thats on chapter 60 pg12 while the raws still says Mikiri. This also happens on pg18 on Kosukegawa’s bubble. Typo?

    Any other than that, it’s flawless job as always guys.

  14. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this series,greatly appreciated. While the ending def felt kind of rushed at the end, still slightly sad to see the series end..

    Once again thanks for all the hard work guys!! ^_^

  15. Thank you for finishing the series, though the end might of been better you could see that it was the end the author had in mind. You have done a great job with this series and I hope that the other projects you guys work on are as rewarding as this one was. I also hope that we see more of this Mangakun in the future and that the stories are as good. Again thank you all for your hard work.

  16. Wow, didn’t think the end was quite so close. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work on this series! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  17. thanks for all your hard work in bringing us this excellent manga series. kind of sad to see it go but all good things must come to an end.

  18. Thankyou so much for scanlating this series till the end!!! *bows* you guys are truly awesome. Damn a part of me feels empty now, I’ve been following this series for a few years now and to have it end now with that bittersweet (in my opinion) ending…*sniff* I haven’t felt this sad since Fullmetal Alchemist ended :(

  19. Finally over…
    One hell of a trip.
    Hope the leechers shut up now :)
    And *sob* at the ending T_T

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