Change 123 Chapter 60(End)

Hello again! Here it is, the special something I was talking about earlier, the LAST CHAPTER of change 123! We finally reached it, with much complains from the leechers, which kinda suck but we did it anyway. Anyway, another series completed!

Enjoy this new and last chapter of Change 123!


I apologize for the typos and also I forgot to include Change123’s poster in Chapter 60’s files, So Enjoy:

Change 123 Chapter 59 Version 2

Mediafire | Megaupload | Read Online

Change 123 Chapter 60 Version 2

Mediafire | Megaupload | Read Online

If you only want Change123’s Poster, it’s here : Poster #1 | Poster #2

Ps: The volume are uploaded in batch in the complete project list