GE – Good Ending Ch63

Sup people. Here is my late new years gift to you. I would have been earlier, but believe it or not, even scanlators have lives :O. Oh the shock I know, I know. Anyway kick back relax and enjoy this chapter of GE. With some luck you leechers should be seeing chapter 64 within the next few days also (but don’t hold me to it!)

16 thoughts on “GE – Good Ending Ch63”

  1. Thanks for the release. On another note, the archive for GE stops at chapter 47, and looking back through the releases, can’t find chapter 60. Any chance you could repost that one?

  2. Thanks n0c0ntr0l! I was getting bored of “not-reading” the raw over and over… lol Damn I wish I had some talent and be able to help… *sigh* You guys rock! :)

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