Kurohime 78

Yes, it is Kurohime :>… Our translator PROzess was busy with his stuff. Next Chapter should come out in few days or weeks, Enjoy!! ^_^

PS: dont forget Thanks to PROzess

9 thoughts on “Kurohime 78”

  1. Thank you Germany PROzess and everyone involved! Very very happy that this series is being completed. Found out recently that Viz dropped this title due to lack of sales. Thank you all again. It’s one of my favourite series.

  2. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prozess you are amazing!!!!!!!! XD
    YAY! for me to be able to start the new year with this :) purely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thanks prozess

    looks like the end is near or will a new arc begin after this current one where i think hime will eventually be gone after saving zero/rei

  4. on Pg. 16 you can clearly see that Onimaru is missing his tattoo? He’s also missing it at the end but no one cares.

    Thanks PROzess!~for the release not the tattoo.

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