New Year Release

Here are the new year’s eve releases, happy new year everyone!! Sorry there aren’t as much as there were in the christmas release… cause I’m lazy and busy :(, so anyone who could help us with redrawing, which we need, so come to see me, Lordlestat or PROzess for apply redrawer.. so we can release faster. Enjoy!

Change 123 Chapter 58

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Beach Stars Chapter 04

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Metal Heart Chapter 23

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Saikyou! Chapter 31

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16 thoughts on “New Year Release”

  1. Change 123, Metal Heart, and The!! Beach Stars? – I’m in heaven!

    Thanks for the great releases and Happy New Year!

  2. Hell Yeah!! Change 123 and Metal Heart!? Thanks soo much guys! And there is only two chapters left in Change 123!! I can’t wait!

  3. Change 123 and Metal heart – awesome. Then I realized I’d missed the fact that you started already on the new Beach Stars – Awesome ++. I now have 6 new chapters to read. Thanks very much and all the best for 2011.

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