Fantasista Chapter 96

Hello everyone, so here’s chapter 96, last chapter of volume 11! They leave us on a big cliffhanger, but don’t sweat it, next week, as usual, we’ll have the next one.

As you will notice after reading the chapter, the double page isn’t done, because either A) we don’t have a redrawer or B) it would take too much time, so from now on, if the double page takes too much time, it won’t be done unless someone feels like joining us to redraw.

Enjoy this new chapter!

5 thoughts on “Fantasista Chapter 96”

  1. hi,
    just wondering if we can have more fantasista scans soon.
    this and TROTL makes up my favorites at IMS.

    Keep up good work.
    Thanx a lot for the release.

  2. Dear, dear, thank you very much for your hardworking scanlation~! *hugs* :D
    Wow… I truly look forward to seeing what Sakamoto-kun would do in the next exciting c97. Really, it’s quite a nice cliff-hanger at the end of c96, with his cool & focused determination. ;)

  3. This stoppage time just never ends… Thanks for the release! (The double page was barely noticable)

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