Fantasista Chapter 95

Hello everyone, I know I know, it’s late and it’s my fault! What do you want, I felt lazy and didn’t qc it. Oh well, you get it a bit late, not that bad, but you still get it! Anyway here is a new Fantasista. My exam period is over (lol, 1 exam), but many of us are still in it, so it’s normal if the releases have slowed down. ANYWAY.

Enjoy this new chapter!

2 thoughts on “Fantasista Chapter 95”

  1. Oh, it’s alrite~! :) No worries, your studies is more important than scanlated mangas. Still, I appreciate your passionate hardwork as always. I can wait for some next chapters patiently. Thank you! (hugs)

  2. I was waiting very patiently. not complaining, thank you for the release.
    How long can stoppage time last, its been like 3 weeks already…

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