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So before everyone keeps asking why a new website and even though I know they will keep asking because it’s too hard to read a couple of lines, here it is: We have a new website because we were at the end of the contract with our old host, we didn’t want to renew it because we had a better deal elsewhere and the access to the old server weren’t available. So instead of losing everything, we moved here.

There might be some bug here and there, that’s normal, it was a half backup and we did what we could, we will continue to fix stuff for the next month or so, update the projects etc. We might add new thing, delete some old stuff, if a page doesn’t work, don’t be alarmed, we are probably working on it. Same goes with the forum.

That’s all for now. Thank you of reading this post and not asking why we are on a new website, since it’s all explained here.

11 thoughts on “New Site”

  1. Hello!!!I have two questions. Why cant I join the site and why there are links only to chapter 47 in GE?

  2. You do know domain names are not tied to a web hosts. The .com should either redirect to the new domain, or have a mostly blank landing page with the new domain.

  3. Been coming for a while. Anyway we need the extra bandwidth… now all I have to host is blackwing manga so I’m not complaining!

  4. archknight wrote:

    hm? when did this move even happened lol i had no idea

    You already moved? or when? two, three days or one, two weeks?

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