New Site

So before everyone keeps asking why a new website and even though I know they will keep asking because it’s too hard to read a couple of lines, here it is: We have a new website because we were at the end of the contract with our old host, we didn’t want to renew it because we had a better deal elsewhere and the access to the old server weren’t available. So instead of losing everything, we moved here.

There might be some bug here and there, that’s normal, it was a half backup and we did what we could, we will continue to fix stuff for the next month or so, update the projects etc. We might add new thing, delete some old stuff, if a page doesn’t work, don’t be alarmed, we are probably working on it. Same goes with the forum.

That’s all for now. Thank you of reading this post and not asking why we are on a new website, since it’s all explained here.

Change 123 – Ch56

Hello everyone, first of all, a message from PROzess: “I know we have been a little late, but instead of complaining about it, you should just wait, the staff works better that way. So don’t forget to say your thanks.”

I totally agree with his message, we had a problem with our translator who was translating change, she was busy with real life stuff and people kept asking us about it or even telling us we were purposely delaying it.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s a new chapter of change 123 and we are really close to the ending! Don’t forget to say thanks to PROzess who kindly accepted to translate the remaining chapters.

Enjoy this new chapter!

Fantasista Chapter 94

Hello everyone, first post on our new website and forum, we have moved here because it was the end of the contract and we didn’t want to renew it with the old host, so here we are. Things might change in the next few days, cause you know, testing and all, but it should all go smoothly. So to celebrate this moving, the weekly release Fantasista. If some options don’t work, please tell us either in comment or in the support forum.

Enjoy this new chapter in a new website!