The!! Beach Stars Chapter 2

Hello everyone, recently, I feel like I’ve released everything one day late. Chapter 2 of The!! beach stars was supposed to be out yesterday, but I forgot about it lol. Anyway here are more boobs and even an alien in this chapter(if you can find it).

Enjoy this new chapter!

Heads Chapter 11

What’s up ladies and gents? tG here once again, bringing you Heads Chapter 11.
As usual, great work by the team and QCing this was a piece of cake. Oh, and it’s a pretty cool chapter, too.
Not sure what I’ll get to release next, we’ll see ;)
Enjoy reading!

Ikigami Chapter 36

What’s up ladies and gents, tG here.
Today I bring you chapter 36 of Ikigami! And wow, what an epic chapter it is; I’m sure fans will like it as it poses some interesting developments ;)
Stay tuned, more from me coming soon!
Enjoy reading!

EDIT: Sorry for the credits screw-up- everything should be fixed now. Many thanks to Noobz who cleaned AND TSed the chapter, and tG who QCed. You guys are the best! -K.