Baby Steps Chapter 33

After much pestering from ilikefood, I decided to release baby steps chapter 33, taking me away from watching the hockey game. Anyway, here it is, like announced by myself yesterday, baby steps! Go Habs Go!

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Atori Shou Chapter 02

So it`s me again, like I said another release, but not of Baby steps. Yes, after a while it`s finally here, the last chapter of volume 1 and there are boobs! (lol, 2 pages). Anyway, if all goes well, we should have another chapter out soon. We even did the bonus for you folks.

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Baby Steps Chapter 32

Yo everyone, so here`s your share of baby steps for the day! We are one chapter away from finishing volume 4, so let`s keep up the good work! Anyway, I`m making another release REALLY soon, so I won`t say much here.

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Kimiiro Focus Ch03

What`s up ladies and gents. We proudly present Kimiiro Focus Chapter 3 to you, yay~

I originally did the proofreading for it but since some mistakes were made, I ended up having to fix the Typsetting and re-proofing. Oh well, I bet you`ll enjoy the chapter as it is quiiiiiiite legendary.

Anyway, I`ll see you around.