Caterpillar Operetta Chapter 3

Hello everyone! Yes it`s true, you aren`t dreaming, you have in front of you, your share of ecchiness of the day! Yes, it`s Caterpillar Operetta. Now, be blinded by the pure awesomeness of the manga (quote from a movie, except without the manga part xD).

Enjoy this new chapter!!!

Baby Steps Ch28

Yeah! I know, you don`t need tell me how late I am.. it happens that we are busy :3.. so here`s your baby steps, Scanlators` motto: better late than never :p so Enjoy!

Fantasista Chapter 89

Hello everyone, so here`s a new chapter of Fantasista! Surprisingly enough, this chapter is about soccer(football for those Europeans who don`t like the term soccer, but do I really care about them? no xD) Anyway, I feel so lazy lately, but oh well…

Enjoy this new chapter!

Pineapple Army 7

Hello, finally I get to release something this week… Please thank KaseiC and xxsaznpride for helping me out in this project. This time only one link for now mediafire. If you can`t use mediafire I suggest you jump onto irc and type !pa7 in either our channel #imangascans or #viscans channel.