Baby Steps Ch23

Hello, Sorry I didn`t notice that we didn`t finish volume 3, we were waiting for volume 4 to arrive, and get those scans… So I apologize for that >_<, I would like to present an award for THE MOST IMPATIENT PERSON which goes to ilikefood, :p so here`s the new chapter, enjoy! Also, here`s a shout from teishou: Hey, this is Teishou, subbing in for Gachimaya. Hope you enjoy the releases we`ll be giving you from here on out!

10 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch23”

  1. Well, thanks for at least releasing a new chapter. I`ve skimmed through the RAWs up to volume 9, but there was nothing exciting going on, so I decided to just wait patiently for the translated releases.

  2. Yay! Finally its out, for a while there I thought you guys dropped it or completely forgot about it. But all that wait is worth for this manga. Luv Baby Steps and E-Chan. Thanks alot for the release.

  3. Oh no, we were waiting cause we ordered the raws so we could get scan them ourself so we get a better quality

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