Beach Stars Ch53

Yo all, I`ve been told that in my post I`m not manly enough because I`m informative and not funny, well that`s how am I and you`re all stuck with me, since anyway I do most of the release!

Small ranting over ^^, here`s a new chapter of beach stars! All hail me and /me praises Kasei C. because apparently she isn`t praised enough!

Enjoy this new chapter!

Baby Steps Ch23

Hello, Sorry I didn`t notice that we didn`t finish volume 3, we were waiting for volume 4 to arrive, and get those scans… So I apologize for that >_<, I would like to present an award for THE MOST IMPATIENT PERSON which goes to ilikefood, :p so here`s the new chapter, enjoy! Also, here`s a shout from teishou: Hey, this is Teishou, subbing in for Gachimaya. Hope you enjoy the releases we`ll be giving you from here on out!