Good Ending ch 50


From n0c0ntr0l – Right apologies first of all for such a late chapter. I only found out that I would be doing it approximately 12 hours ago. Unfortunately one of our cleaners can`t be trusted to do the smallest thing. But anyway, it shouldn`t happen again.

Atori Shou Prologue Part 02

Hello everyone! I hereby present you the new chapter of Atori Shou! Still in the prologue, but hey what do you want, you gotta prepare the cast and the story. Unlike a certain boobless wonder, Atori still has a good amount of… attributes!

Anyway, all hail to Deathy80 who made all this possible and I`d like to take some times for a special thanks to Georgi, who`s an amazing proofreader who pretty much proofreads almost everything in IMS, except for boobless wonder`s projects. So thank him!

Anyway, Enjoy this new chapter of Atori Shou!

P.S: Last time, we made a mistake and put the first page of prologue 02 in prologue 01, so it`s not a mistake if it`s yet again in there. And no we didn`t miss any translation, the bubble with japanese text have sfx: blabla under the panel.