Tokyo Toy Box 3

Heya- it`s been a while! :) Hope you`re all enjoying Frosh week everywhere – grab as much free shit as you can, don`t drink too much, and always, always remember to bring your keys with you. Seriously T_T…

Many thanks to all the staff that worked on this chapter – MF is down right now, so grab it from MU or in our chan. Since I`m back my old rule is also back in effect: talk in the chan & you`ll get voice~ :D

Much love, and enjoy the chapter!

Ps. We`re currently recruiting Jap-Eng translators for this project and a handful of others~ Please apply on our forum to get a small test. iMS translators enjoy daily sacrifices of lolis, shotas, other unmentionable things, and a personal slave named Kajii-mee~ <33 You know you want to ;)