NEW MANGA! Atori Shou Prologue Part 1

It`s me again!!! I`m so annoying, right? :D Well this time, the post is a bit different, cause it`s time for a new manga! The name of this manga is *Drumroll* Atori Shou!

But wait, what is it about? Good question! When Futari will update the project page *cough* wink *cough*, you`ll have the proper summary of this manga, but I`ll give you a short one: A school girl fighting demon while being half-human half-demon! But since I`m lazy, you`ll have to figure out the rest by yourself!

Anyway, this manga is 7 volumes long, so we`re in for a hell of a ride! To begin with, 4 prologues chapter to set the story, characters, etc…

Anyway, I won`t say more than that, except to Enjoy this new manga and chapter!

P.S: Look at the all mighty credit page I made!!!

7 thoughts on “NEW MANGA! Atori Shou Prologue Part 1”

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  3. So far I like the drawing style and character development/story. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing another great manga!!!

  4. will try this manga because i like your group
    any news about zettai joo sei and Itsuka Tenma No Kuro Usagi because i like that series

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