NEW MANGA! Atori Shou Prologue Part 1

It`s me again!!! I`m so annoying, right? :D Well this time, the post is a bit different, cause it`s time for a new manga! The name of this manga is *Drumroll* Atori Shou!

But wait, what is it about? Good question! When Futari will update the project page *cough* wink *cough*, you`ll have the proper summary of this manga, but I`ll give you a short one: A school girl fighting demon while being half-human half-demon! But since I`m lazy, you`ll have to figure out the rest by yourself!

Anyway, this manga is 7 volumes long, so we`re in for a hell of a ride! To begin with, 4 prologues chapter to set the story, characters, etc…

Anyway, I won`t say more than that, except to Enjoy this new manga and chapter!

P.S: Look at the all mighty credit page I made!!!

GE- Good Ending 49

Hello, it`s me again. I`m here to give you Good Ending chapter 49. Say thanks to our hard working staff who tries to bring you these chapters as fast as they can with great quality. Anyway we are slowly bulding up to a climaxing chapter 50! YEAH chapter 50!!!

Anyway, enjoy this new chapter full of… oups, no personal opinion here xD Enjoy this new chapter of Good Ending!