Change 123 ch55

No need to keep spamming when a chapter is released, it`ll be out when it`s done ~_~

And there are only a few (5 or so) chapters left, so dragging it out is a nice thing of us to do right? =3

Anyway, this marks the first chapter of the last volume! Enjoy and pretend this post was made by Kajii.

11 thoughts on “Change 123 ch55”

  1. wrote:

    TY… What do you mean disappointing end? Have you read the RAWs?

    Yeah I did.
    won`t spoil anyting though (besides that it was disappointing^^)

  2. So cruel purposely dragging it out for those who don`t read the raws! ;A;

    But thank you for the release all the same ^^

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