Koibito Play chp12

Aight, this should have been released yesterday. But i forgot… I am not doing it enough often :P

RAW: Vergil

TL: Gachimaya

Proofer: xxsaznpride

Editor: linuxnofear

QC: Gachimaya

Happy Reading!

Good Ending Chapter 45

Sorry for delay, yaddy yadda, insert shitty excuse here.

Inaam shall be leaving us, he is going off to medical school in like China or some shit. I sure as hell won`t miss him.

SplitSecondShot, lets just say his joining almost made me leave because of how he got in. Not to point that out and make anyone feel bad. But lets just say he is a good, fast cleaner, that knows how to typeset. Heh less work for me!

Nocontrol, lets just say, chill the fuck out.

Gachimaya, <3
FighterFei, Imma kick yo ass on SC2.

Rena-Chan, keep up the scanning :D

Oh and for everyone wondering why Futari is not on the poll. Someone else did a similar poll, with similar people, alright so, Futari won, easily. So its just retarded to include him again. Since everyone would just lie and vote for Futari.

Finally for my parting words of the night

Its 5 am time to go jerk off then head to bed.


Raws: Rena-Chan

TL: Gachimaya

PR: FighterFei

Cleaning: Inaam Nocontrol SplitSecondShot Sheekthief

Typesetting: SplitSecondShot

QC: Gachimaya Sheekthief