Good Ending ch47

And this marks the 1 year anniversary for Good Ending, a thanks to everybody who`s ever worked with us on good ending is in place I suppose :D

Special thanks go to Kurokami for stepping in and translating a few chapters while Gachi enjoys giving presents, from her rapidly decreasing pile, to her aunt and whatnot in Japan~

Saikyou! Toritsu Aoizaka Koukou Yakyuubu chapter 25

So yes, it`s me again and this time I`m giving you out the new chapter of Saikyou, say thanks to Teishou who`s made a mission to give you out new chapters of Saikyou as fast as she can! It`s payback time in the chapter and let`s hope they keep this on a roll!

Anyway, enjoy this new chapter of Saikyou and stay tuned for more! ^^

Change 123 ch55

No need to keep spamming when a chapter is released, it`ll be out when it`s done ~_~

And there are only a few (5 or so) chapters left, so dragging it out is a nice thing of us to do right? =3

Anyway, this marks the first chapter of the last volume! Enjoy and pretend this post was made by Kajii.