ReBirth – The Lunatic Taker Ch02

I`m presenting you the new chapter of Rebirth… the reason it`s been delayed so long…. just blame the editor, who was oh SO busy with his actual life that had something better to do… Also don`t forget to thank Simple Scan who also did their part in this joint project.

Enjoy this new chapter.

9 thoughts on “ReBirth – The Lunatic Taker Ch02”

  1. Haha, amount of gore in this manhwa makes me happy. More BLOOD, more killings, please. Nya~

  2. cool stuff. lots of blood. surprisingly low ecchi content for im dal young but im sure its coming soon.

  3. Thanks so much, been waiting for this series with much anticipation! I can`t wait for more!

  4. whoa Vaane finally said he wasnt going to do this?!?
    thanks for the chapter…been waiting wayy to long for it

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