GE – Good Ending 44

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So I guess this will be a semi-fairwell post. I`m sure those of you who know me will know that I will be in possession of starcraft 2 in 2 hours time. At that point nothing else will cease to matter for me. But before I leave I must let you people know: Inaam is such a great cleaner. No really! mean he`s so good that he didn`t even turn up to clean nor did he leave a notice with anyone. Absolutely brilliant. Right there is my obnoxious post for the day.


Raws: Rena Chan

Translator: gachimaya

Proofreading: MrPibb

Cleaning: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief

Typestetting: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief

Quality Checking: gachimaya, n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief