[New Series]Kimiiro Focus Ch01

Eh i cant believe i have make release :p ..it was all futari `s fault! >_> so anyway.. All hail the solution to the cancellation of Lock On. I present to you: Kimiiro Focus. This totally should have been out earlier but thats n0c0ntr0l`s fault. Enjoy.

18 thoughts on “[New Series]Kimiiro Focus Ch01”

  1. I really think you are genius! How you can select so many good series and do a so good work in all of them? Seriously – you are freakin genius! Thank you very very very much!!!!!

  2. Wow, thanks a lot for picking up a new project (even though I would prefer if you finished Tiji-kun first, but whatever). This manga is a nice fap material has a lot of potential indeed. Btw, what was that liquid, dripping from Ran`s mouth? :D

  3. Lovely start. Sumire is adorable and gorgeous, and that Ran is so obviously up to some mischief. Keep them coming.

  4. Thanks for the release, guys. It`s a pretty good looking series. BTW, in terms of looks. Sumire>Ran. That guy`s blind lol.

  5. Thanks alot for the release. I liked the first chapter and the story seems to be promising and its one of the genres I love. So I will definitely be looking forward to more chapters. I like Sumire more than Ran BTW, as Ran seems abit creepy for my taste. Wonder who the guy will fall in love with? For now he seems to be smitten with Ran and only seems to look at Sumire as a childhood friend while its clear that Sumire sees him to be more than just her childhood friend

  6. thanks for the new serie! a promising manga :D can i ask at what rate you will release chapters? (once a week/month/year :p) just curious ^^

  7. whoa thanks a lot for putting me there because I had the trouble of separating page by page and precleaning everything ._.

  8. alot of fanservice in this manga, which is why it looks pretty good =]
    thanks for the release
    n looking forward to keep leeching

  9. I honestly thought Lock On! could have had some potential, but whatever. This one`s great too. Thanks for the release.

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