Tijikun ch12

Nothing I can say about this, as usual Kajii refuses to post anything and I was the first one to get caught in his sights T_T

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  1. You earned that right, NRL. Even if you nothing, you`ll still be credited, just like BFS. >.>

  2. yukichan, u can do whatever u wants, as long u credit us which is good enough for us

  3. Sweet! Thanks alot for the chapter. I still want to know how Tijikun came to know of the hitting technique and who taught him that.

  4. Hello, Be With You Scans. I am Vietnamese and I am writing for you in order to ask for permission to translate your scans/ translations into my language – Vietnamese. We have many people loving manga but it`s very rare here. So I am asking you to permit us to translate yours. I guarantee that our translations from yours are non-profit translations for enjoyment purposes only and the Vietnamese scans/translations are just limited only on our Group

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