GE – Good Ending 43


Sorry for the late release. Ain`t got that much else to say really other than USE OUR FORUMS (they feel lifeless and I don`t like it!)


Well since Nocontrol wanted this out sooooooooooooooooooooo much I gave him access to my account. But he totally ruined my reputation for really long and obnoxious releases. So lets start off. Kit-chan* is to blame for this taking forever. Took HIM like 3 days to finally proof. Also Inaam sucks my left nut. ETC ETC Also don`t fuck with Gachimaya she will bite your balls off and it WON`T be enjoyable. Don`t make my mistake and think it will be.


Raws: Rena Chan

Translator: Gachimaya

Proofreading: Kit-chan

Cleaning: Inaam, n0c0ntr0l & Sheekthief

Typestetting: n0c0ntr0l & Sheekthief

Quality Checking: Gachimaya, n0c0ntr0l & Sheekthief

* n0c0ntr0l here, and Kit-chan did nothing of the sort.