Baby Steps ch22

Over three weeks since the last release of baby steps, I bet you all were wondering how this match turns out~ Hah did that grab your attention? ~_~

Anyway, I was browsing through future volumes for a good picture for a new credit page and this one seems interesting ^_~

13 thoughts on “Baby Steps ch22”

  1. wrote:

    you guys got a long way to go till you reach the pic on the credit page :P

    Only 5 or so volumes ;p


    Holland, Fuck yeah! <3[/quote] ^^

  2. About the credits page. Is that girl Natsu? Or is it another girl? I like Natsu with E-Chan

  3. Sweet! I was waiting to find out how this match proceeds. So thanks alot for this chapter release and I love this manga

  4. Thank you so much! I totally love this series. It truly is the best series your teams produces.

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