Koibito Play chp10, end of Vol 1

Righ, here we are. End of Volum 1, and end of Translations from our beloved PROzess . I want to thank him for the work he did!

But it is not end of KP releases. Gachimaya came to me and asked if I had found any new Translator, and as I hadn`t she said she could help me out. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu <3[/COLOR].[/center]

7 thoughts on “Koibito Play chp10, end of Vol 1”

  1. wrote:

    page 203 is corrupt

    that at least isn`t my fault… Anyway it should be fixed now

  2. wrote:

    Oh, forgot to mention, the MU link leads to chapter 9, not chapter 10.

    It`s always something….

  3. Thanks for the new chapter!

    Glad to hear you`ve found a translator to tackle the rest of the series too.

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