Summer (for some countries) – Manga – Troubles

Okay, for once not a manga release but just a plain, boring announcement/rant/request that most leechers might not even be interested in. I`m not too fond of it either, but it has to be done. First of all congratulations to all who managed to get another school, uni year over and yes I know that many others have just begun a new one. Congratulating there might sound strange though…

Still, recently the manga world has taken another blow and I doubt that it will get any better rather than worse. Raw Distributors disappear and make it tougher to get them. Imangascans tries to distribute scanslated manga free of charge. We are in no way interested to make any business out of this and all the money we get is pushed into our raws or the server for all of this “fancy stuff”. The more money we receive the better the equipment. It doesn`t mean that we will stop working if the server money is not there, we will just have to tune it down again.

Many could see a result of having the wrong “partner” the last time when we had to close the DDLs thanks to overreaching the limit. Servers are unfortunately costly and so are raws when you have to get them in piles, because you can`t get them any other way anymore. I`m especially stating this because I have in the past received pm concerning recruiting of staff where people really asked how much we pay. We are not a business. I think many would be happy if they could also earn money through this, but it does not work and somehow would also go “at least against my honor”.

Manga Scanslation is a timeconsuming work and takes effort in all stages. Translating can be a pain as well as cleaning, typesetting and proofreading. Nothing is just a piece of cake and many had to evolve through hard work to actually get something out that can reach MQ or HQ status. It is some sort of strange volunteer work and other than some sites that really have members pay for their membership and do not even scanslate anything by themselves I would not know any scanslator who would seriously `sell` manga. This horrible procedure would just be stealing.

Scanslating is meant to show people what they can have on the market, spoil them and lure them into the net of manga marketing to purchase the original goods once they come out in each individual region. Many people would never even hear about a manga series, if not for scanslators. There were already many and are still many ongoing discussions concerning this topic of some wishing to get rid of scanslators and I do not want to begin one here, while also hoping that they will leave IMS alone.

Growing groups certainly can become targets… and wrong accusations like “You take money for scanslation” can really start bad rumors and are totally unfair towards everyone who gives their best (even if some just seem to be continuesly pissed off and try to eat leechers for which I openly apologize as one who carries a part of the responsibility here.) Not to mention that they are like throwing a dagger at someone who at times wonders why don`t I just read a book instead ? (Well me at least)

The previous paragraphs were long and more of a rant than anything and the more important part begins here. We have summer again in several areas of the world and this also means that staff leaves their homes to get a rest from work and of course also this `hobby`. This means that they are unavailable for the time being and that we also need to redistribute work to get anything out. Many others also have to suffer through the hard tests at the end of the year and need to prepare themselves, which has the same end result. This slows us down and yet I think that IMS still brings out most manga relatively fast.

If someone actually pays attention to the credit page, they might note that the projects always concern the same members and not exactly many different names to be frank. I as such hope, that people will stop with their requests. I can understand that some are extremely curious about the development, but asking several times won`t change anything.

Projects will come out once we find the raws and get staff on it. Projects that are dropped are on the dropped list. You do not need to ask if something is dropped and why, if it is not on that list. We are understaffed for what we wish to do. Members have left us for obvious and also less obvious reasons. In the less obvious fact so bad that they did not even tell that they would quit. I can only assume that they either got bored of it but want to use this chance to request some information from them.

To all members who have not done anything in the past couple of weeks, have not written anything concerning their temporary leave or have left this temporary leave as undefined like (few months) I would like to ask you to get on the forums and take a look at the Staff Section.

And it is also a request directed to all leechers who wish to do something for the manga community… no money, sorry … have the time and hopefully some skills. Everyone can get better, so it is not necessary to be an expert, but it would be great to have more cleaners and typesetters to split the work accordingly. I don`t read too much manga, but it always amazes me when I see some 20 pages chapters with 6 different cleaners. Knowing too well what a hassle some projects can be, it quite freaks me out seeing some of our scanslation members work on similar projects completely alone. So please apply.

Some series were on a hold, that is partly my fault because I fit in the Test Stress Category. I`m not completely through but back to business. This concerned projects like Rebirth, Change 123, Itsuka no Tenma, which will become more active again from now on.

Concerning Nyan Koi, as many have asked. I do not know much either. There are too many rumors going around to find a trustworthy source. We could previously just grab our raws fairly easily, but the last chapter also marking the end of the last volume was the end of this. There are as of yet no new chapters out. Not on the net and not in Japan either. We currently hope that the project did not die completely and to see some tank (volume) in the next month that we can get and continue. That is all.

Thanks for your attention.

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  1. i`m sorry i can`t help you in any ways, the only thing i can do is just say thanx for all your hard work for us

  2. I am a longtime reader of manga and truly appreciate the work your group does. GE is one of my faves right now and I even got one of my nonmanga reading friends completely hooked on it! Just thought I would express my thanks for all that you guys do.

  3. I knew Kuro-san was badass, but this passive-aggressive news post was amazing. Seriously, if people joined you would see why us staff members get easily annoyed with “WHENS THE NEXT GE COMING OUT?!?!?” or “Is Nyan Koi! on hiatus?” when we`ve answered these questions a billion times. And as for the business side, I only made 200USD from here, and it`s the best money I ever made. (Mainly because I spent it on drugs and cupcakes) :)

  4. wrote:

    Makes me wonder if any scanlation group has ever considered officially licensing a manga.
    As in, say, take donations to purchase rights, distribute for free.
    Would be interesting to see if its even viable.

    I wouldn`t even know how to aproximate the costs for such a procedure, but I`d really like to know aswell, just for the fun of it. It should be a bundle.
    And Sheek you know we don`t get our checks this week. Wait till next week, after futari robbed that bank and finished with that kidnapping. :D
    (oops I may have said too much )

  5. Makes me wonder if any scanlation group has ever considered officially licensing a manga.

    As in, say, take donations to purchase rights, distribute for free.

    Would be interesting to see if its even viable.

  6. by “there`s no raw in japan” for nyan koi, you mean there hasn`t been a new chapter (chapter 30) released in the magazine? you think it might be on hiatus?

    btw, commenting doesnt seem to work in IE.

  7. Nice informative post which shed light onto many dark areas of our leecher knowledge. *thumbs up* ^_^

    So that I can scanlate better :D (cwutididthar?)

  9. We make no money people. We put in hours of time to get releases out and to be honest, we still have to buy raws ourselves and so on. Your donations ensure that we can continue to do so, rather than going to my new pc upgrades. Also we don`t have very many staff considering the amount of projects we have. If you would like to join, please say so, you`ll find that we are more than happy to spend time helping you to learn what to do (and I promise you that you`ll have a lot of fun along the way)

  10. I started reading manga about 2 years ago, and at one point joined a scanlation group to give something back to the scanlation comunity. I knew a bit of photoshop so i applied for cleaner. I hope more people with some free time will follow my example and try it. I did not apply for a job, but for a hobby, and so did all the people in this group. The donations are great, but all we can afford to do with them is pay for the server to keep us online and buy some tanks. Please stop saying we use the money for personal expenses.It`s mean, and not true.
    Please enjoy our future releases!

  11. I think a post like yours is necessary once in a while. Although a lot of us have been reading manga for a long time, there are always plenty of newcomers who seem to think that scanslating is a business instead of volunteer work done by fans for the love of it. This hasn`t been helped in the last 18 months by the online reader sites which sprang up – usually with the obvious intention of profit-making (or to put it another way, stealing) – and have left many of us with a bad taste in our mouths with their unsightly scramble for market share and an uncaring attitude to the fans and scanlators alike with watermarking and shrinking image sizes. They have also made it almost impossible for the original Japanese publishers to ignore any longer, as they have moved away from the grey-area of fandom and into outright theft, unfortunately using the output of scanlators to do so.

    I can only hope that these high-profile sites disappear or are made to disappear before more damage is done. The leechers also need to be made aware of the fact that by patronising the money-making sites, they are bringing an end to the very thing they love so much. After all, if no-one visited the sites, they would disappear along with many of the difficulties we`re now experiencing.

  12. i thank you for all the work you guys put into your scanlations. i know this isnt really much of something to say and for all the blank stareing i have dont at my screen for the past 10 minutes trying to think of something to say but i do appreciate your groups dedication.


  13. It does amaze me people think we`re in it to make money, every single cent that comes in goes back into the ims community. Making money over the backs of mangaka does not feel ok with me. We earn nothing for the work we do, labling this as a `job` is definitely not right. It`s still a hobby and we do enjoy working on releasing manga.. but sometimes things do get out of hand.

    Well, I hope to see more members active soon. Lately it has been the same people for nearly every release.. so join us and get it out faster rather than complaining and begging what happened to x series ^^

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