Kitsune no Yomeiri Ch06

After a long hiatus (4 months according to Baka-updates!), chapter 06 of the fox`s tale is finally here. I know Kitsu and Gachimaya have been hounding my ass like hell about me releasing this, which is understandable because my ass is quite fine :P Anyways, enough of me, enjoy the chapter!

6 thoughts on “Kitsune no Yomeiri Ch06”

  1. Sweet! Its finaly out. Thanks alot for the release. I m eagerly looking forward to the next chapter

  2. thanks for the new chapter!! im so happy, you guys have just made my day with this!! and yeah it was a extremely long hiatus… around 140 days! X_x i had almost given up on this manga…

  3. Seeing that this series hasn`t been dropped is a big yes for me.

    Nice quality on the release, as always. Famine gods FTW!

  4. It`s good to see that you`re back. I was a bit worried when I heard you had real life problems >_<

    Anyways, thanks for the release ^_^

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