ReBirth – The Lunatic Taker Ch02

I`m presenting you the new chapter of Rebirth… the reason it`s been delayed so long…. just blame the editor, who was oh SO busy with his actual life that had something better to do… Also don`t forget to thank Simple Scan who also did their part in this joint project.

Enjoy this new chapter.

Beach Stars ch45

With every page into this final match, Kurachi keeps surprising me with her evil and psychotic faces.. wow =3

Having said that, this chapter somehow felt like I was watching lord of the rings AND play team fortress 2 at the same time..

(You shall not pass!) & (You.. yes you! You are dead!)

GE – Good Ending 44

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So I guess this will be a semi-fairwell post. I`m sure those of you who know me will know that I will be in possession of starcraft 2 in 2 hours time. At that point nothing else will cease to matter for me. But before I leave I must let you people know: Inaam is such a great cleaner. No really! mean he`s so good that he didn`t even turn up to clean nor did he leave a notice with anyone. Absolutely brilliant. Right there is my obnoxious post for the day.


Raws: Rena Chan

Translator: gachimaya

Proofreading: MrPibb

Cleaning: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief

Typestetting: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief

Quality Checking: gachimaya, n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief

[New Series]Kimiiro Focus Ch01

Eh i cant believe i have make release :p was all futari `s fault! >_> so anyway.. All hail the solution to the cancellation of Lock On. I present to you: Kimiiro Focus. This totally should have been out earlier but thats n0c0ntr0l`s fault. Enjoy.