Beach Stars Ch38

This has even more Takki goodness, a yakuza type character.. and an epic victory decided in mere pages!

And yep, awesome reference to Spain.. yes it`s too clean to be ripped.. but those are minor details~


4 thoughts on “Beach Stars Ch38”

  1. I don`t really know any better.”= Ghd Pink

    Kiss [/url] Lottie Ryan is talking about growing up in the public eye.”I

    think there`s a big difference between being born into it and being thrust

    into it; choosing it at a point in your life where it`s going to be

    something that changes your life.= Ghd

    Hair Styles [/url] I take it with a pinch of salt.”

  2. Thank you guys for the rapid firing job ^.6. two hands together in hope this goes on till the last volume, arigatuuuu

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