Good Ending Chapter 39

:D Made by n0c0ntr0l :D

Also a color page way back from chapter 33 done by powha :D

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Don`t know what else to say but enjoy :D

Oh credits:

Raws: Rena-Chan

Translator: Gachimaya

Proofreader: Kitsu

Cleaners: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief & Inaam

Typesetters: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief

Quality Checkers: Gachimaya & Sheekthief

Thats about it :D

9 thoughts on “Good Ending Chapter 39”

  1. Thank you for the quality releases of Good Ending and the timely manner in which they are released. The cleaning work done on these over the raws is quite astonishing.

  2. I don`t know what you guys are talking about she is wicked cheap. Maybe you just didn`t notice but that`s yen not dollars.

  3. Don`t you know, Eri is a good looking girl so she can afford to fleece business men for extra, especially with the school girl angle.

  4. Thanks alot for the chapter. LoL arent the rates abit high. Whose idea was it, it cracked me up big time.

  5. Ohhh snap! What will Utsumi do now? Although we all know he doesn`t have the balls to have sex with her.
    Thanks a lot for the release. Keep up the good work.
    And also I have been wondering about your name, imanga, for a while. Is it a play on the word image or is it “i” like in iPod?

  6. Those rates are a bit high, if you ask me.
    A bit surprise that Sheek let the vertical typesetting slide
    knowing that he hates that shit.
    Thanks for the release.

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