Beach Stars Ch34

They don`t fail THAT bad right? Another enjoyable beach stars chapter is out~

Links are below if you feel like finding out who fails most at failing~

Now everybody bow down and cheer for lordlestat, maybe he`ll be able to sit down quicker!

On a sidenote; we`re recruiting (experienced) cleaners/typesetters to help out with quite a few of our series.. We don`t want our translators to do all the work right?!

Good Ending Chapter 38

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Its gotta be Risa.

Anyways as you can see, I can post again! It has been way way way too

long since I have last released something. Anyways you guys don`t care

about me at all so what difference does it make T_T

Since I really don`t have anything to say(stuff that won`t get my powers

removed), I`m just going to credit + link.


Raw Provider: Rena Chan

Translator: Gachimaya

Proofreader: Kitsu

Cleaners: Inaam & n0c0ntr0l & Sheekthief

Typesetters Shean & Sheekthief

Quality Checkers: Gachimaya & Futari & Sheekthief

Man I love seeing my name everywhere.

Oh and also, THE most annoying page to clean, took about

6 MAN hours of work.

Took 3 cleaners to do it, but we did it~


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