Smash! Chapter 53

I present you the next chapter of Smash!

And what a chapter!

It`s totally awesome!

Yuuhi is so cute~~

Also, I lost one redrawer on my team, and I`m in dire need of a new one!

So if you are good, have experience and like Smash! contact me!

Weekly releases might not be possible till I got a new redrawer, so be patient if it takes longer.

Now enjoy our Goddess Yuuhi~~~~

Soutennenshoku Otomegumi Ch2

Second chapter. Funnier than the first.

Here`s the release for this week. New chapter next week, etc. etc.


Raws: Kitsu

Translation: Kasei

Proofread: Xxsaznpride

Cleans: Billyboi

Typesetting: Acriman

QC: Kitsu

In other news, Green for USA MVP :D

Porn not allowed. Clean furry okay~