Kurohime Chapter 72!

I`m kinda on break this weekend, seeing as I got a pool in the garden and it`s nice weather,

but I got a bit of free time and bring you the next chapter of Kurohme!

One chapter after this left.

Enjoy your Chapter!

And go cheer for Germany later!

Though I`m secretly rooting for Japan of course :P

11 thoughts on “Kurohime Chapter 72!”

  1. By one more chapter do you mean until the series finishes or until you catch up?
    Either way thanks for the release.

  2. 4:0 for Germany
    Public viewing was awesome and after the game the city was like hell. Party untill 1am;)

  3. O_o Exxxxceeeelllllent chapter! I knew she didn`t die. To bad Asura…well…you know. But still, the end justified the means I suppose. Great release! Keep up the good work!

    (And release those Kuro chapters quicker! XD )

  4. Cheer for Germany? Are you kidding? Brazil can`t lose. Maybe you guys can get a second place! ^^ (just kidding just kidding) Oh oh, and I want Japan to get a good place too. xD

  5. Thanks for the chapter but sorry I`m going to have to pull for USA..here is hoping we actually make it out our group like we are supposed too.

  6. it feels like a rushed chapter..(as info, not quality) nevertheless a great release :D

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