Giant Steps ch08

Hello everyone. Man it feels so empty without a picture, well let`s blame Kajii who was too lazy to A) release it by himself, B) at least making a picture for the release. Anyway, finally some moving done on that series, should, I say should, move more than it was. Well anyway I`m releasing Giant Steps chapter 08 (took me long enough to say what it was xD).

Enjoy this chapter with *drumroll* tennis in it! Omg you didn`t see it coming, did you?

4 thoughts on “Giant Steps ch08”

  1. Oh wow, you guys finally released this. I remember proofreading this like 6 months ago. Either way it`s nice to put the text to pics.

  2. thankssss for the release
    this series is isnt so bad, i like it more than baby step only cuz all the girls seem cuter and the drawing is more realistic

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