GE ~Good Ending~ Chapter 36

Here`s some much needed GE. After such an awesome ending to the last chapter, what happens next? :o

Anyway, thanks to the following:

Raw Provider – Rena Chan

Translation – Gachimaya

Proofread – Kitsu

Cleans – Inaam, Sheekthief

Typesetting – Shean

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And powha, for the awesome color page to open it up :D

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Enjoy GE~~~

12 thoughts on “GE ~Good Ending~ Chapter 36”

  1. yah thanks for the release
    pretty sure most people caught that foreshadowing of the storm coming soon

  2. hahaha I was the one who said that he would run away afterward or at least one of the ones. I really wish they would just hurry up and get together already. I have had enough of this pre-relationship angst already and am ready to start reading about them dealing with the ups and downs of being in a relationship.
    Thanks for the great work and keep it up. It really brightens up my days.

  3. Thanks alot for the chapter. It was a very nice chapter. Loved it when he was about to jump off and Yuki drags him back LoL

  4. lol who called it that utsumi would run away after the kiss?

    Great chap guys, thanks alot!

  5. Thanks for the lovely chapter of GE, but I`ll have to be the first to point this out:


    When his mother said (thought) “maybe a typhoon is coming,” the first thing that comes in our mind is to think that it has something to do with Seiji actually doing his homework without being told, right? But knowing (or guessing) that this series can`t just end like this, the thought “maybe a typhoon is coming” fits in perfectly, does it not?

    Well, I know it`s a given that things will happen that will mess up their (Seiji + Kurokawa) relationship for a while, but I just wanted to let you guys know, if you hadn`t noticed, how perfectly that quote fits in the future plot.

  6. Futari go fuck yourself

    < @Sheekthief> Medaka box is being worked on so shut up about it. Also Use the shoutbox for thanking us, NOT SPAMMING US. There are forums for that. If you have any questions about releases/anything, GO TO THE FORUMS. Also Thanks again to Powha forcoloring the first page!

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