Kurohime Chapter 71!

Here is chapter 71 of Kurohime for your reading pleasure!

As stated before, we are out of Tank raws, so from no on we will use the web raws.

I think it is in your interest since you will get releases faster.

Next tank volume would be months away.

We get more and more back into the action.

Enjoy this awesome new chapter with the return of Kajii`s favorite Character!

Leona Explosion Chapter 5

Hello all, yet again. Here I am doing Kajii a favor by releasing this long awaited chapter of Leona Explosion. I know you waited for it, don`t try to hide it! Anyway I can`t really tell you what this chapter is about since I don`t read Leona, but I`m sure those of you who do will enjoy it!

Enjoy this new chapter of Leona Explosion!

GE ~Good Ending~ Chapter 36

Here`s some much needed GE. After such an awesome ending to the last chapter, what happens next? :o

Anyway, thanks to the following:

Raw Provider – Rena Chan

Translation – Gachimaya

Proofread – Kitsu

Cleans – Inaam, Sheekthief

Typesetting – Shean

Quality Checks – Sheekthief, Gachimaya

And powha, for the awesome color page to open it up :D

Last thing, pic related (to my interests atm):

Enjoy GE~~~