Change123 chapter 54

Hello everyone! Today I release for you Change123 chapter 54. A new chapter for all of you who eagerly waited for this!

On a side note, I`m really WAY too tired, haven`t slept in two days, mainly because of pain and some appointment preventing me of doing so. Anyway that`s the end of my small rant.

Enjoy this new chapter!

14 thoughts on “Change123 chapter 54”

  1. Hello how are doing is cool to read my chapters in English before this manga is the best I`ve read in terms of fights and stuff, I look forward to reading this work of you, you are appreciated and again ok cuidense a thanks a million and a cap 55 in OM??

  2. Did this manga ended in april? i just dont wanna trust wikipedia… so somebody answer please.

  3. thanks for a lovely release :D cant wait for the last few chapters ^^ keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the great work!!! I love this manga! Please continue the effort and work!
    p.s.: Is page 150 panel 2 okay?

  5. Awesome, super awesome. I really love this series, can`t wait for more.

    And “Tou-chan” or whatever should be translated next time. Not everyone knows what that means, I had to think about it to figure it out and all.

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