Beach Stars Ch38

This has even more Takki goodness, a yakuza type character.. and an epic victory decided in mere pages!

And yep, awesome reference to Spain.. yes it`s too clean to be ripped.. but those are minor details~


Koibito Play chp09

Ok, I wont say I am sorry for the late release. But it is still sad that it is so late…

Life is hard you know :D

RAW: Vergil

TL: PROzess (Which have left us :()

Proofer: georgi

Editor: linuxnofear

QC: Gachimaya

Damn this post feels so sloppy…

Next one will be better, that one is end of Vol 1 and end of my Translation. Will see what i do then about KP.

Good Ending Chapter 39 v2

Well I messed up and mixed up files between the QCed ones and the unQCed ones.


Raws: Rena-Chan

Translator: Gachimaya

Proofreader: Kitsu

Cleaners: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief & Inaam

Typesetters: n0c0ntr0l & sheekthief

Quality Checkers: Gachimaya & Sheekthief

Thats about it :D