Mass release! and for USA- Happy Memorial Day!

Kajii doesn`t feel like writing a release post as always, so I`ll do it, I guess. Seems we`ve got a bunch of stuff piled up for no reason, so here`s the list:

Tijikun Ch11

Dageki Joi Saori Ch6

Heads Ch8

Ikigami Ch32

Shinwa Ponchi Ch5

Oh, and one more thing – an epic 35th chapter of GE ~Good Ending~.

On another note, sounds like the ddl and online reader will be back tomorrow. Maybe. Anyways, here`s a picture of food because this release would feel empty otherwise:

Edit Kajii: P.S Special Thanks to Mizi helping me with uploading to MangaToshokan :)!

Good Ending Chapter 35

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Tijikun Chapter 11

Megaupload | Mediafire |MangaToshokan

Shinwa Ponchi Chapter 05

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Ikigami Chapter 32

Megaupload | Mediafire |MangaToshokan

Heads Chapter 08

Megaupload | Mediafire |MangaToshokan

Dageki Joi Saori Chapter 06

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18 thoughts on “Surprise”

  1. Wow didnt even see the new chapter for Ikigami thanks!

    Best series i have very read!

  2. Oh my god.
    Good Ending, Tijikun, Ikigami, Shinwa Ponchi AND Heads?
    I think I`m in love.

  3. I just read Heads. It was pretty interesting although maybe a bit slow. I wonder what sort of direction it will go in.

  4. One question : How many chapters have Shinwa Ponchi actually ?
    It`s a mensual ? Bimensual (2 months or half a month ? >< I never know about that).
    Because i love the story. :p

  5. Thanks for the GE release. :) But you know, with such a cliffhanger, you don`t have the right to torture us with much more waiting. ^^ Thanks, great job as always! :)

  6. Powha!!!!! I apologize again for completely forgetting this color page. Best I can do right now D:
    [toggle=color page][/toggle]

  7. Awesome GE chapter XD exept theres no link to MU either… and another thing is that poop on that cookie???

  8. Blame fucker sheekthief who make mistake! he didnt follow the rules! >_> gosh i hate him!

  9. \/ agreed, tho i think she may slap him and run away. then we find out what happened to make her like this :P.

  10. Thank you so so mush this was great. I follow tijikun GE and shinwa ponchi so this was really great. *spoilers* I can`t believe that kurokawa and utsumi kissed. On the one hand I want to say that it`s about time but i get the feeling that their relationship won`t change much and that they are still going to be going through this vague state where kurokawa feeling are unclear for at least another few chapters. I can`t wait for next chapter; you just know that utsumi is going to fun out of the room as soon as the kiss is over and it`s going to be hilarious.

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