Beach Stars Ch 31

So hello folks. we picked up a new series well more we will finish the series since it`s already started. So we gladly present you Beach Stars Chapter 31.

News: Kasei was able to hold back and in these last days only killed 4 beings, 3 of them being squirrels. Can we assume by these last days that she learned how to properly drive? I`m not so sure. I think it was only a couple of day off and she thought of the human race. So now the kill count is up to 260.

Anyway, less talk, more reading and ecchiness. Enjoy the chapter.

8 thoughts on “Beach Stars Ch 31”

  1. Hate to see a series I was doing go out on my bday of all days, but such is life. Good luck with it. I would say I`d help with it, but I`d demand full editor, etc and I don`t think that`s gonna fly so I won`t bother.

  2. Nice work.

    I do enjoy this manga and I am always glad to see when a manga that I enjoy gets picked up by anyone. And of course you guys have a really good record, so I am looking forward to how you do with this series.

  3. Awesome. Beach Stars was one of the mangas I really liked back when I first started reading manga. So thanks.

  4. Oh my, thanks for the chapter.

    Seems I will have to start checking out the series for the first time, and I`ll be looking foward to new chapters from IMS.

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