Good Ending Ch34

Yes, it is new Chapter of GE!! i hope u enjoy, so please read the below post about bandwidth which we cant provide the direct download link and reader since we are nearly over the limit of bandwidth, so i hope you guys keep support us :) ps, u can grab from irc bots

so here a rant from sheekthief;

Sheekthief> You all suck I hate you, you damn leechers.

Sheekthief> Forcing me to work on this constantly so that I can please you.

Sheekthief> Be happy. Good chapter until the end then straight up RAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGE

13 thoughts on “Good Ending Ch34”

  1. Thanks a lot. The story is really getting good. I just hope that Kurokawa stops being so indecisive and just makes up her damn mind soon. OH!! and sorry I am such a leech and thank you for putting up with me.

  2. thanks for the chapter… even though it was delayed you still worked hard for it.. thank you for that. :P and by the way how long will it take to release the next chapter because from what i heard chapters 35 and 36 raws were already released :P but anyways thanks again… i love you imangascans :P

  3. Thanks Sheekthief!! For letting us leech off of you and letting us make you work constantly to please us! :D

  4. Great work guys! Thanks for the translation!!!!

    In a strange kind of way, I`m glad the story is becoming more intricately woven. Looks like the story`s going to continue for quite some time! :D

  5. Fantastic! Thanks for the release, been waiting for this chapter ever since the one-shot. Keep up the good work guys. ;)

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