Bandwith reached T_T & Tijikun ch09

Today I speak to you, because something very sad (sad for you, good for us, since we get so much visits) had happened.

We have reached our monthly maxium bandwith of the server.

For this reason we sadly have to close down the page, the reader, the direct downloads, the lights and the refrigerator.

Kajii told me he isn`t really responsible for this, but who is gonna believe him :P(kajii Edit: he lie! T_T… )

Well everything will be back on the first of June.

In the meantime please get your dowloads on #imangascans @IRCHighway.

We will also upload our releases to MangaToshokan, so that you can enjoy your online share of our releases timely.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvience and hope you can endure these 2 weeks.


you can see our bandwidth limit T_T, on every 1st the bandwidth is reset so which is 11 days left…. so we need more donations to order better server which it cost us 390euro which got 5000gb of bandwidth, which maybe we can offer u unlimit download :), if we dont have enough fund so we may close the DDL on next month :(


New chapter of Tijikun!! im sorry for delay *bow* we has discuss, so we decide to buy tankobon raw which we can deliver you as better quality :) so this time no DDL/Reader so you can use mediafire or bot and mangatoshokan as reader.. sorry :( so enjoy the tijikun chapter!

11 thoughts on “Bandwith reached T_T & Tijikun ch09”

  1. No prob for ddl, mediafire is more then good enough! Though a whole T that got used up in 20 days, that`s impressive. Maybe external downloads could be a solution?
    Thank anyway! Tijikun makes me happy!

  2. B4 anybody says anything about the last 6-5 pages of the chapter they (/me looks at sheek) “seem” unburned, the blacks arent trully black, whathadhappen was that i saved those images as rgb not grayscale so i apologize.

  3. Hey dont worry about downloads and such. Of course, an Online Reader dishes out an enormous amount of bandwidth and of course DDLs do. Just stick to mediafire and megaupload downloads (very fast and very reliable) and everything will be fine :3

  4. Thanks for the new Tijikun. I can`t wait for the next chapter I just know that he is going to kick that judo guys ass hahaha. Well keep up the good work; I really appreciate it.

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