10 thoughts on “[new series]Giant Step”

  1. Thanks a lot for releasing this serie! I have been waiting since years for a group to continue it!!! I absolutely love it! <3

  2. i`ve been waiting, that some scanlator to continue that story.
    i`m so happy that you you scanning this manga..thanks a lot :D

  3. Thanks for picking up this series. I`ve been awaiting what seems like forever for someone to pick it up. I Had pretty much given up.

  4. I can`t believe you guys picked up this series. I`ve been waiting forever for s1 to pick it up. Good job.

  5. oh wow thanks a bunch i have been waiting forever for someone to pick this up :)

  6. Another credit page from PROzess Gmbh and no friends~
    wtf kajii blushed and i wasnt there? T_T
    zhsanks the chapters

  7. Woah, I can`t believe I hadn`t read this series before.

    Another one I`ll keep looking foward to seeing releases when opening IMS`s home page.

    Thanks for the chapters, and keep it up!

  8. you guys should thank me i am the reason this got released

    < !Kajii> just need release for me
    < !Kajii> front page
    < !Kajii> :) u know i hate do it
    why dont you release stuff kajii?
    < !Kajii> because i hate release front page because i have nothing to say
    < +Kit-chan> Kajii is too shy
    < !Kajii> i would like …….
    < !Kajii> yea u can say im shy
    * !Kajii blush
    kajii be a man
    * NRL slaps kajii

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