Kurohime Chapter 69

The ball keeps rolling, people!

Here is chapter 69 for your enjoyment!

Just one more chapter until Vol 17 is completely!

(*cough* tmw? *cough*)

This chapter has some shocking revelation.

All these releases in a row, make me loose my words…

Without further ado, go and read it!

16 thoughts on “Kurohime Chapter 69”

  1. You are completely insane!!…but … thats what i like of you guys !!! you are really nuts, thank you for this wonderful day of kurohime!!

  2. AYA! Great thanks for scan this awesome series and this chapter too!!! Guys, I love you (for your hard work ofcource).
    PS: sorry for my english.

  3. I feel like this past week has been a very good one. Thanks for yet another chapter of Kurohime.

  4. This is the best… keep it up.

    Also I really need to reread the series, because I have forgotten all of the stuff taht happened before the time travel arc.

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