Kurohime Chapter 67

You remember me saying there is more?

Apparently that was true xD

Here is already the next chapter of Kurohime for your enjoyment!

The sligthy confusing past arc is over and we already get back into the action!

We can now finally stop bashin poor Rei and mourning for Zero and just simple enjoy the usual fighting!

Enjoy your chapter!

(Could there still be more?)

13 thoughts on “Kurohime Chapter 67”

  1. Wow, when you said there was more, I wasn`t expecting it so soon. Thanks a ton

  2. Thanks for the new chapter kurohime , i cant wait for the new arc >.< good job!!

  3. i normally don`t do this. but i wanted to thank you guys somehow. so thanks for doing what you do so well. i really like this manga.

    -thank you

  4. Thanks for more Kurohime. And looks like this arc should be pretty chaotic and it looks to be a good start.

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