Doll Gun Chapter 21

Here is Doll Gun Chapter 21.

Apparently I also worked on this chapter so I got to make the release.

Truth is I just fix some missing translation of random pages, so I actually don`t know to which chapter they belong :P

The post is a bit late, since the chapter got released already yesterday T_T

But we don`t mind the small stuff.

You can get the download links at the hompage of Red-Hawk.

You can also read it on our Online reader.

Whatever suits you better :)


Kurohime Chapter 67

You remember me saying there is more?

Apparently that was true xD

Here is already the next chapter of Kurohime for your enjoyment!

The sligthy confusing past arc is over and we already get back into the action!

We can now finally stop bashin poor Rei and mourning for Zero and just simple enjoy the usual fighting!

Enjoy your chapter!

(Could there still be more?)