P.K (Player Kill) Volume 1 and 2

So here`s a new series called P.K a.k.a Player Kill. We offer you volume 1 and 2 as a start. Not to spoil anything, mainly a martial art manga with a lot of fighting. Beside that, if everything goes well we should do the entire 33 volumes since it`s finished.

Oh and what else to say beside the fact that the Montreal Canadiens are winning! xD

Anyway we proudly present you P.K volume 1 and 2, enjoy the numerous chapters!

18 thoughts on “P.K (Player Kill) Volume 1 and 2”

  1. THankx a bunch for the manga
    please do tell , when do you plan on releasing the rest of the volumes

  2. It`s been a long time coming~ Hoho congrats on (finally!) getting a permanent @ in the staff chan XD <3

  3. WOW thanks so much its been so long and i just love the story in this you guys are great thanks for all the hard work.

  4. Wow, great you picked up this series. Liked the chapters done by helzone but you also got great quality. Hope you gonna keep it up :-)

  5. Thanks alot for the release. I m so happy that IMANGA picked this up, as the previous groups working on it, neglected it completely. I never thought I would get to read this again. Really appreciate you guys for bringing it back from the dead.

  6. Well, this was a long time coming, aye?
    I hope the schedule can be kept, so many volumes is quite the task :D

  7. you are the best to pick this a really cool martial arts manga you guys are bookmarked :D

  8. Thanks heaps! I`ve been waiting for someone else to pick this up ever since Helz0ne`s releases stalled.

  9. Ok thanks for this! I will star reading it… Maybe i could translate it into spanish! hoho! hell yeah! xD:ylsuper:

  10. Very awesome. I had been wanting to check this out.. And now since you guys are doing it.. I`ll just have to. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for this,i wanted to read this a while back but the quality suckd, thanks.

  12. Wow thanks for picking this up since another group didn`t update in the longest time, ever. So thanks for the release.

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